Sexy Gaming

Sexy Gaming: Where Sexy Equals To Better Casino Experience

Sexy Baccarat The allure of casino has long been associated with the company of attractive ladies by your side, an image long marketed by various media. Many online platform providers have tried to replicate this, some succeeded, and many others have failed tremendously.
Established: 2016
Language Offered: English
Game Selection: Blackjack
Casino Poker
Wheel Game
Dragon Tiger
Licences: Malta

Operated by Awesome Entertainment (AE) Group that was established in 2016, it instantly shook up the gaming industry. Despite being relatively young, AE Group is led by leaders with extensive experience in the industry. AE Group provides integrated game platforms with services including customer operation management, website development, brand marketing, mobile application development, and web design. Aside from games carried by Sexy Gaming, which also known as AE Sexy, the group also carries a wide range of sub-brands such as AE Chess System Platform, AE Lottery System Platform, AE eSports System Platform, NY Lottery and UltraPlay eSports.

Driven by rising popularity, AE Group had expanded and built the Venus VIP Group in Macau, the Philippines, and Cambodia. Its VIP group offers unique VIP lounges and UUPay, a customized currency exchange service. Its brand owner, AE Group also offers white label services with up to 38 tailor-made templates with support for 8 languages and currencies. Its white label service is made available across Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, India, and Indonesia.

Sexy Baccarat Malaysia: A Steamy Experience

While there are other games such as Roulette, Dragon Tiger, and Sic Bo under the Sexy Gaming platform, the showpiece remains to be Sexy Live Baccarat as it is the most popular game enjoyed by many players.  Sexy Baccarat sets itself apart from other baccarat platform operators by employing female live dealers dressed in bikinis, welcoming players to the Bikini Casino with a big, bright smile; some might even mistakenly thought that they went into the wrong room!

Sexy Baccarat by AE Group has once again challenged the norm by selecting only the most attractive dealers with seductive smile and luring eyes to be the eye candy for players; only this time they are skimpily dressed as well! The wide variety of dealers is selected from a huge pool spanning as far as America to include supermodel-class women.

Upon entering the Bikini Live Casino and be greeted by the brightest smile you will ever see, the Bikini Live Dealer will perform a series of exercises throughout the game that is uniquely found in Sexy Baccarat only. Among the actions that the dealers will perform include doing a little dance to the live music in the recording studio, blowing you a couple of air kisses, throwing flirty winks, suggestively forming a heart with her hands are some of the actions that are exclusive to Sexy Baccarat only. We say exclusive because you will never find any of these in physical casinos.

All of the above are accompanied by a high quality seductive voice from both the operator and the dealer. Of course, our primary intention stretches beyond mere feasting our eyes on the eye candies, we also want to have a good amount of fun by playing the actual baccarat. The Bikini Live Dealers are well equipped and thoroughly trained to handle any inquiries which you can submit via the live chat, or even initiate one in private. Cameras are angled so that you are always seated right in front of the live dealer, ensuring an optimal view to provide a holistic experience. You can also see other tables with live dealers peddling their trade in the background, just like how an actual casino would be like.

Bikini Live Casino: Feature Rich

Aside from the social aspect with the bikini clad dealers, Sexy Baccarat is rightfully still a live casino at its very core. Sexy Live Baccarat offers a wide selection of betting options including multiple bets on tables, fast switching between tables, and a quick bet function to quickly replicate previous bets. All of these can help you to avoid any missing opportunities while increasing the odds of winning at the same time.

A road map is also included to help players assess the history of game, spot trends, and try to forecast upcoming results; ala “finding follow the dragon”. However, Sexy Baccarat’s road map features specially crafted and designed special icons to help identification of Banker and Players easily.

The Bikini Live Casino also provides each game with video playback functionality, players can return to their previous gameplay to learn and to proofread, ensuring zero disputes in this regard.

Web Interface

The intuitive user interface of its website is among the simplest to use providing ease of navigation and flawless security system. Players are welcomed with pictures of their Bikini Live Dealers arranged in a tiles format accompanied by respective scorecards; players can easily look at the trends of the baccarat at a single glance before deciding which table to place their bets. Design is clean with no annoying pop-up ads that is a commonplace in the industry.

Wide Compatibility

Sexy Baccarat Malaysia offers both live casino and online slot games in the form of various consumption media such as PC, android, and iOS devices. For players who prefer direct access without having to fear for webpage congestion can download the app from the respective app store and install on their mobile devices.

Security and Licensing

One of Playtech’s most celebrated concept is its signature omni-channel. The ingenuity of omni-channel does not only appeal to gamers for a more pleasurable gaming experience, but also of licensees that sees it as a highly sought after cutting-edge technology with remarkable functionality and solutions. Playtech One Casino is based on a comprehensive system that will work in different devices and environment for anyone at any time. Transitioning smoothly from one platform to another, with the same one account and one wallet sums up the wholesome experience of Playtech One Casino. Basically, any smart device with internet connectivity will have access to the casino platform.

At the base level, most programs developed by Playtech can be operated with a web browser which supports HTML5. It is also not a surprise to find games made by Playtech at a land-based casino too. The technology is synonymous to a Google account for all your casino needs.

More from Playtech

Since security is always one of the primary concerns for players, we are glad to inform that Sexy Baccarat has met the required financial standards that are expected of its similar peers in the industry. The website has enforced encryption and its database is also password-protected.

Although it loses out on licensing as it is not recognized by any of the major regulatory entities such as the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority, we think this might be due to its unclear operational locale being in Poipet, Cambodia. We are still watching its announcement space to follow the progress on getting an online entertainment license.

Free Demo Available

For players who are still on the fence about trying Sexy Live Baccarat, they are able to get a free demo just by visiting AE Sexy website. They will have access to various games in addition to Sexy Baccarat such as Roulette, Dragon Tiger, and Sic Bo with a trial amount of $2,000. Players are able to get a taste of what it is like to be playing in Sexy Baccarat platform, and to consider if there are any drawbacks on not having an official license yet.

The Gateway to Sexy Gaming

As one of the leading online casinos focusing on a variety of Sexy Baccarat promotions to entice players, Sexy Live Baccarat continues to dominate the gaming industry with its unique propositions. Sexy Baccarat has opened up a gateway for players to enjoy the company and pleasure of sexy bikini dealers from various exotic countries anytime from the comfort of their own home. To put it in the simplest forms, if you are looking to kill time while being at the company of beautiful ladies clad in bikini, wait no more and head over to Sexy Baccarat to experience a highly entertaining and rewarding experience.

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